I tell you why you don't get a thanks from me, and probably from others for the same reason. You can try to pretend like you don't see me. But you can't not see me unless you're an idiot in which case, your company hires idiots. You can't not know unless you're deliberately trying to not help someone. Customer service people do this. Play favorites. Talk a lot of trash too. I do it. I can spot that one customer I won't have tolerance for, and, or will be a real dickhead bitch, so I will "have something else to do." Maybe I'm a customer you are trying not to help. After 2 minutes of standing there, in one case you get to hide inside a tinted window customer service office. So who knows what important shit you got going on in there. In another case I was trying not to interrupt you from that important paper work you were so one track minded about. So I didn't say excuse me. Well, I picked up your kleenex box you knocked to the ground, and not a thanks was expressed. So when I was done with either scenario, I just wasn't thankful either.
Fuck it, who cares.