Excited are we?

I ordered my food so I was waiting. I was the only one there. Then you walked up. You must've ordered and went somewhere because when you came back, your order was ready.

Here's how it went?
When you got your order, you said, "I better check to make sure it's right."
It was just the 2 of us.
You opened the box, and said, "yum, yum, look at that, looks good, huh?"
I was trying to ignore you and I didn't look at your food, just so you know. But I couldn't ignore you because you were one foot away from me saying as this stuff as if I was just as excited as you.
Then you dropped something, picked it up, and said, "I better not be a litter bug."

You walked off.
Thanks for the play by play, although, I truly didn't care what was happening in your life at the time.
I guess I can't really hate you for being so excited about your food.
Thanks for not littering either.