The ineptitude of the "anarchist" contingent of the Portland May Day march was demonstrated by their inability to light fires (cavemen with far more limited resources did better), trying to break windows with the wrong tools, and then allowing themselves to get arrested all while doing damage to companies that pay far more in taxes than the company that supplies their phones and computers (Apple),

They need to step up their game by studying the anarchists in Athens where fires rage and chaos reigns. The one Molotov cocktail they did throw didn't come close to the cops so maybe some pushups, pull-ups and playing catch is recommended to develop arm strength, hand/eye coordination and throwing accuracy.

Recommended reading for this sorry group of "anarchists" include Total Resistance, Special Forces Guerrilla Manual, Counterinsurgency, Guerrillas in the Mist, and 150 Questions for a Guerrilla.

In the meantime, Portland anarchists should stick to drinking their lattes, sipping their IPAs and sleeping with their dogs. They also need add some color to their outfits. Rainbow striped clothing is the new black.