I saw Jimmy Kimmel tell the story of his baby Billy the other night. My family and I cried with him. He has made us laugh for so long, we just love him. This was a different Jimmy.
Jimmy went on to say how important health care is for those that do not have resources, and made me understand the importance of looking out for one another. He said little Billy would have been considered to have a pre existing condition with the current administration. I think he may have made many of us wonder about our country more than ever.

I think if the Senators that get health care for life, were to forfeit their health care and get the same coverage the average person gets, it would make me so damn happy. In the real world, they just keep making more money and shit on people that are hard working and try to do the right thing. Some of you love DT and think he is such a groove, good for you. Some of you think as I do and and hope he shits himself in his next few weeks. Then he will walk away mad and quit.