Just because you're not looking at their ass doesn't mean no one else is, but honestly they probably just started their workout cold and took it off when they got hot. Gym floors are usually pretty gross and none of the gym's I've been a member at have coat hooks on the floor.

Not that I don't enjoy you assuming women are doing it because of men after telling women to stop making assumptions about men.
You are bothered by what they wear on their asses yet you are not looking at their asses. STFU, gym rat.

And FYI ladies, we ALWAYS look at your asses. We are biologically designed that way. So if you don't want anyone to look, a hoodie around your waist is probably a pretty apt deterrent.
FWIW, fellas, we always look at your asses, too.
You're definitely a weirdo perv. trying to passively use the teenager on her period bit. How old are you and why do you recall that, as being significant? I'm covering up now at the thought of someone as disgusting as you, that takes the time to type this shitty I/A. Especially because you ass-ume this behavior is so men don't look at their asses, there are so many reasons why including insecurities, like cellulite or wanting to feel secure and safe, it's cold out and no one wants to forget their expense workout gear on the floor at the gym. Don't tell women your opinion, if you have nothing to do find a hobby other then the gym.
I wear a sweatshirt over my leggings at the gym because assholes like you have given me a complex about a fat ass since the time about 30 years ago, when I realized people are dicks and will judge you if you aren't perfect. So I wear it, because a LOT of men have no restraint or the concept of respect. So whether it's my chest or my ass, I'm hiding it, because I don't give a fuck what year it is, women are objectified and I can't even walk down the street feeling comfortable in my own skin.

What are you solving by posting this kind of bullshit? This is a burden you will NEVER understand nor will you ever have to carry it on your shoulders, because you are a white privileged male (pussy).

I truly hope you aren't looking at my ass, or anyone else's, because your eyes don't deserve it. You don't deserve any self-respecting pussy either, because you are one.

What gym do you go to? I will get a membership tomorrow just to walk in and hear you say this to my face instead of behind a computer.

I think its totally sexy when a woman wears a hoodie or shirt tied over her ass in tights. Thanks, ladies!
Many people don't know that Hitler was actually Austrian.

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