So much for the Senate Republicans trying to make it better. At least Obama gave them lots of input and hearings but they chose politics over the American people and just wanted to block him. He and the Democrats offered to work to improve it time and time again including passing changes proposed by healthcare groups but it was just blocked by Republicans who only passed legislation to undercut it. It could be fixed quite quickly if the Republicans were interested in better healthcare and not tax breaks for the rich. Bottom line this is just money they want to take away from the 98% to give to the 2%.

For all the idiots out there who think racism is dead... why do you think the Republicans have tried to repeal Obamacare for so many years? Why do you think they've wasted millions upon millions of tax dollars to take this away? All these cowardly WHITE politicians are so insecure and petty, that they insisted on obstructing for years... all because we had a black president.

God, how I can't wait for Trump supporters to lose their healthcare... the irony will be so very sweet!