"Let 'em Die!"


FYI: Tax breaks for Trump and the 1% is also a government subsidy. Hell, I would dare say the estimated yearly $120 million in taxpayer dollars to secure the Trumpy Tower so that Melania can live there instead of the White House is also a subsidy. I would also say that the $2600 A MINUTE it costs to secure Mar-a-Pig-O so that the orange haired monster can take his weekend golf trips would also be considered a subsidy. But, I'm certain you're totally OK with taxpayer dollars going to help the rich instead of providing healthcare to the actual taxpayers themselves... ain't ya?

Proceed to address my points by blaming something on the Democrats, Obama or Clinton... typical sad Republican deflection tactic.
Republicans only believe in a right to life for fetuses and those who can afford health care in an unregulated market.
One of the biggest scams about both Obamacare and Trumpcare is that neither of them has anything to do with health care; they are only about health insurance. This guarantees that there is a third party involved, whose ONLY motivation is to make money between the supplier and the consumer. This is a wasteful addition to the cost of health care that is already wildly overpriced.