This rant to I Anonymous will be changed so no one can know my identity. Meaning family in other States. I am one of two children, that had an abusive father. When we got the belt, it was the buckle that left the most bruises. He has passed away, and spent many years in the military charming people. One day my sibling went to the provost office as a mere teenager and told what was going on. My father was sent to a hospital for several months and was ask to retire early. My sibling saved our lives, and my Mother never had a bad thing to say about him, she blamed us.

I have had alot of counseling,have no children but I am married. Enter my spouse that was also combat service connected. I think it is a wonder that we are still together, and his mother decided to be my new mental abuser. He was too damaged to stand up to her. Twice she pushed me into a wall. That was my only physical encounters with her, Thanks for that oh spirit in the sky. We have come to an agreement not to mention our families until I heal from my latest anxiety attack. I have to keep going, forgive myself and spouse, and hope I can help someone else by just saying do not give up. If you had a similiar past, you have grown up to understand. If you did not, do not worry if you miss dinner with Momma on Mothers' Day. Peace, you can get through this if and when you say"I have had enough".