Can I ask if this is too much? I have a new neighbor who are lesbians, but who also have a yapping dog. These two are new neighbors so they don’t know our “Jenny from the block” mentality, OR RULES. And being lesbian has nothing to do with this post- except for- I know a stellar woman when I see her and I don’t think box wine will cut it when I ask...

I’m mad! At the yapping dog. For two reasons. One: because he/she is little (drink more milk bro, stop being a little bitch.) Okay 1-2 (1-2 that’s a legal term) Two: He/She yaps at everything INCLUDING EVERY BLUE BIRD EVER BORN. How do I stop this?

Me on the phone for work: Did your dog just attack you?
Me: No no no, that’s me. I don’t need a bandaid. My body is fine, I just need my NEW NEIGHBORS TO ALLOW THEIR DOG TO COME TO MY HOUSE WHILE THEY ARE GONE, SO said blue bird and yapping dog become family. (insert the more you know rainbow)

I,Anonymous, I’ll buy you the biggest wine bottle, but when you leave for work, can we put your (our) yapping dog in my ‘work from home’ backyard, so he/she turns out to be blue birds BFF.

Is BFF the right acronym for dogs and blue birds? This blue bird ducks under their garage and taunts this little yapping dog. I’ve seen it, so math! I don't have dogs, i have a ten yr old though, so we'll buy dog food. (and the good kind). <3