When I paid to get my car fixed, it came back more broken than ever. I called the mechanic and asked him why he chose to rob me? He wants my name, which I did not give. Then he asked what kind of car I had; I did not tell him. He said bring it back in, I said no. He asked why and I asked why back. He then hung up the phone and I promptly wrote a scathing online review.

The next day I head to the store to buy dinner stuff. The guy behind the meat counter looks an awful lot like that so-called mechanic and I deduce that he probably has two jobs and here's my chance for justice.

Meat counter guy: "Can I help you?"
Me: "Yeah, you could've fixed my car."
Meat counter guy: "Excuse me?"
Me: "My car, you were supposed to repair it and it's more broke than ever now."
"I don't know what you're talking about. Can I get you something?"
"How about a refund for services NOT rendered?!"

He then whispers in a coworker's ear and walks away. The new guy asks if he can help me. I tell them they're crooks and this is all a scam, then I order a whole chicken.

As I'm driving home, my car just stops in the middle of the road. I sit there, finally conquered. I leave my whole chicken and car and walk back to the store to yell at the meat counter guy. The store manager ends up kicking me out and I call the cops. I file a report against his shoddy repair work and demand a fresh chicken, since mine has now been in the car for over an hour.

I'm so tired!