I want to thank Google for adding even more steps to signing out of my Gmail account. It used to be one step: SIGN OUT. Voila! Then it went to 3 steps, and now it's FIVE fucking steps to sign the fuck out! Yes, I know what they're doing: As long as you remain logged in, or not completely signed out, they can track your web activity. Facebook does the same thing... oh sure, they say the tracking is anonymous, but if that was true, why on earth do I keep getting ads for toe fungus remedies? Yeah, I have toenail fungus... but that's something I've only emailed one person about. Are you telling me it's a coincidence that a day after I tell my friend about my toe fungus I start seeing ads for toe fungus medication? Yeah, right!

Am I going to quit using Gmail? No. I'm forced to use it. I've been biting the pillow for Google for years now and I don't see an end to it anytime soon. Fuck it. And what's with the Mercury's comment profile section? I can't even add an avatar! It won't let me, I've tried countless times.

There's this really funny photo of Trump making a hilarious/stupid face that I want to use as my Mercury avatar, but the Mercury won't let me. Now when I put Republican commenters/trolls in their place, I can't rub it in with a hilarious/stupid Trump face avatar.

And who here remembers LoveLab? I Saw U? Like/Dislike comment option? First Google, now the Mercury... thanks, guys.