Scraggily beard? Check.
Camo baseball cap? Check.
Carhartt attire? Check.
Big ol' truck spewing diesel smoke? Check.
Right-wing bumper stickers? Check.
NRA "Stand and Fight" decal? Check.
'Merican flag hastily attached to a pole and rammed into truck bed? Check.
Haven't seen penis in decades due to big belly? Check.
Uneducated beyond high school? Check.
Owns lots of guns due to living in constant fear? Check.
Easily led by right-wing talk radio/news/conspiracy outlets? Check!
Responds to questions, facts, comments and arguments by blaming Obama, Clinton or Democrats? Check!
Obsessed with other people's genitalia? Check!
More likely to use a gun to shoot up a church, synagogue or mosque? Check!

God dang-it, I'm a proud patriotic Republican... a unique individual!