Trump wanted another reality show, and he got another reality show. If I put aside the real-life disastrous consequences someone with his absolute lack of comprehension can cause, this shit is funnier than hell. I went back and watched his press conference after he "won" the healthcare vote. It is so fucking sad and hilarious to watch how proud he is, and the smug smile on Paul Ryan's slimy little face. They're so proud of themselves for fucking people over... it's disgusting and funny all at the same time. Trump threw a party in the Rose Garden after this "win" on healthcare. I'm sure they were all talking about how things are finally on track, and from here on out it's gonna be win after win after win. WRONG.

There is such a double standard when it comes to Republicans and Democrats. If a Democrat had done 1/10th of the crap Trump has done, Republicans would be having a shit-show right now. They "investigated" Benghazi for years, and yet there was nothing there. They called Obama an illegitimate president, and for what? Because he was black. But Trump? He has made a mockery of the office, lied, cheated and possibly committed an obstruction of justice...and what are the majority of Republicans doing? NOTHING.

It is not the party of family values, morals and personal responsibility any longer (it never really was). It's a party of sheep, willing to compromise their so-called moral values to give power to an easily triggered buffoon. Again, if I put aside all the consequences we will be forced to endure, this orange-haired shit-show is really quite amusing. TRUMP!