Not the song. Not sex. You're just stupid. An idiot. A dingbat dumbshit. You'll never comprehend. You'll never have a clue as to how to do self reflection to understand why things are turning out that way for you. Or why you are getting the results to your actions. Or why you're getting the effects to what you cause.

One example is when you throw your cigarette butt on the ground where I'm working and I tell you I don't appreciate that. No clue what to say, right?
Or when you're sitting in the aisle on a crowded bus. No clue what to do, right?
Or when you're creepy eyes and perverted mind are looking at my tits and I'm staring at you. No clue why I'm staring at you as evident by your "why are you looking at me ugly, dumb face look."
Or when you're supposed to pay $5.00 but I give you a dollar discount for your hassles. No clue what to say, again, right?

You're just idiots. All you idiots packed into this city, this state, this world, this universe. Living, and walking around, clueless. Millions of idiots that will never get it. This is how you are in your public life, showing it to the world. Dunno what to think you're private life is like, and what all your friends you share this world with think of you, and what stupid shit you do to them, and what they have to put up with.

En Vogue all the way