I've been thinking about prostitution a lot lately. Sure, I'm a gross creep that can't get any. If that's how you want to envision me as you read this I'm okay with it because it doesn't change the message. Consider the Women's Rights Movement and Sexual Revolution. Among many things, women were afforded their reproductive rights and the freedom to express themselves sexually. Keep in mind, the early work done by the Kinsey Institute was heavily denounced and vilified. Research suggesting that women even masturbate was viewed as obscene, and the early publications by Playboy and Penthouse were burned by conservative/religious sects throughout the country. Fast forward, it astonishes me through all of the progressiveness and triumph over censorship and control of the female body, that we've managed to draw a line between it being okay to sell your body via nude dancing, having sex with a person on camera for money assuming it's funded by a licensed company, and making it illegal to have sex for money on the private market. To make matters worse, we have convoluted laws that protect it in particular scenarios but criminalize it in others. What gives. The new feminist movement should be concentrating on cashing in on all of us perverts.