Anonymous May 16, 2017 at 6:58 pm


I can almost hear how bad your music sucks from this post.
>Everyone is full of themselves living in these times though.

Yeah, I can tell by how full of yourself you seem to be. You start off by apologizing that nobody can fit into your superior clique full of artists and musicians. Then you describe how much of a shame it is that there aren't more people out there like you, because you're just so spectacular and understanding. I wish I could love myself half as much as you like to jerk yourself off.

Here's the thing, there are tons of people out there who have the gall to call themselves content-providers and pat themselves on the back for producing poor-quality content. Let's take you for example. Sure you may be a self-proclaimed artist and/or musician but that doesn't mean that any of the content you create is actually any good. For all we know you spend the day being proud of yourself for making faberge eggs out of macaroni. It's easy to call yourself an artist but difficult to actually prove it.

Besides, there are plenty of people out there who wanted or still do want to make art and music but aren't afforded the same opportunities as you. Jobs, responsibility, and family issues get in the way of a lot of dreams. It's hard to support a family if you devote yourself to your garage band.

This is running a bit long but there's one last thing: you're a dumb ass, I mean a special high-class idiot if you honestly believe that a person isn't creative if they aren't an artist or musician. Architects don't go around calling themselves artists, neither to programmers, teachers, or even the cops and firemen who have to be able to adapt to bad situations. It's great that you can give form to your ideas but that doesn't make you particularly special, that's just what humans do.
Some people are scared of the arts because it shows them things they don't want to think about. Some people don't like it because they associate it with leftist liberalism and they don't like that. Some people blame "creativity" and "self-exploration" for the millennial entitlement issue - which isn't a new concept, it was the same in the early 50's and "new music", it was the same during the beatnik generation, it was the same during the 60's, and the 70's, and then the 80's happened, but everyone was making shit tons of money and doing coke so they didn't care, and then the 90's happened and people remembered weed, and then majoring in art wasn't just for the rich kids, and then it was again. Also, run on sentences, because it's creative.

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