Recently, there's a "boo-hoo-hoo" article published by the Mercury calling out a landlord for giving his tenant's a head's up that if the PPS bond passes, their rents will go up. Most landlords raise rents to ease the burden of the never-ending taxes, bonds and measures that the fine people of Portland insist on passing. This landlord had the courtesy to let his tenants know what the future might look for them... financially speaking.

Unfortunately, the PPS bond looks like it's going to pass. PPS will be rewarded for the gross incompetence, the lies, the dishonesty and the wasting of money from a $450 million dollar bond that was passed but 4 years ago.

I'm also a landlord and will be increasing my rents very soon. If a renter actually looked at a property tax bill and saw all the shit that's tacked on, maybe they would have a better perspective. All these measures, bonds and taxes that RENTERS get to vote on are the sole burden of PROPERTY OWNERS. I'm not talking about landlords, who can raise the rent and pass that burden onto the renters who actually voted for the increase... I'm talking about regular property owners who don't own rentals. They get to foot the bill entirely... and that bill seems to grow every year.

I don't want to hear any complaints from renters regarding increases in rent... you voted for an increase in rent, and you're gonna get it. Enjoy!