To every single recruiter, hiring manager, and employer who complains that they cannot find good talent, let me just say that you honestly don’t know what you’re missing. When I am a 95% fit for your position, and you decide not to call me in for an interview? Bullshit. I never realized that my extensive experience and higher education was completely worthless to employers in Portland. And then you have the audacity to whine on LinkedIn that you can’t find any candidates. Bullshit. It sounds to me like you’re too lazy to train someone, and your lack of big-picture thinking and ability to see potential in me just means you won’t get to work with me. And that is YOUR loss, because I am actually the highest contributor, model employee, best damned leader you could ever hire, but now you’ll never know. And while I get that this angry rant probably doesn't represent my best foot, I know my amazing potential, and I swear when I get hired by your competition, you’ll see why you should have put me on your team.