Trump is a scumbag no doubt. But is he the mastermind behind a Russian conspiracy to get elected? What if he isn't guilty? You're gonna look like those god damn paranoid whack job birthers if it turns out he isn't.

Wait for the special investigation to run its course and then weigh in.

And stop giving the guy so much credit. He's an ignoramus who is clearly way out of his league.
You mean like Trump looked on his "witch hunt" birther nut job conspiracy quackhead?
Yeah. Remember when everybody lost their minds because feelings were becoming more valid than fact? It's apparently contagious, because no matter how much you want to believe that DT is a treasonous dirtbag, there is no direct evidence backing that theory...yet.

So what is wrong with waiting to see what the facts are? At best you're validated and he is impeached and then head butted to death by a pack of feral goats. At worst youre wrong and you still get to maintain the appearance of a level headed adult who doesn't commit to an idea unless it has some factual basis.
I agree with Anonymous 100%!!!! I m glad Fox News is losing its incredibly narrow minded audience who are so gullible and greedy anyway. These republicans are servants of the 1% who make donations to keeep them in office. We are heading toward a governmental run by the American oligarchy lead by the "payees " of the Russian oligarchy. Donald Trump is the whipping boy of this dangerous movement and as long as his inner circle continues to stroke his ego, we will see more downward spiral of government and everything we hold dear; fair justice for the unprotected, clean oceans, rivers and streams, unpollued air and national parks kept pristine, not to mention global warming that we all witness year after year. Global Warming" isn't even a term allowed to be spoken in trumps whit house!! How scared is that?!?! He's an Ahole to be sure!
No need for concrete evidence, the circumstantial evidence is stacked up higher than a Trump Tower. At least six of his closest people lied about contact/dealings with Russia, that's a concrete FACT. Barring the US press from a meeting in which he disclosed the highest level classified intelligence to them and bragged about getting rid of Comey, FACT. Withholding his tax returns without reason when it would permanently put this whole thing to rest, FACT. Anyone who says "give Trump a chance" is a consummate ostrich-humping cheese licker.
Absolutely right. The Trumpets are not just wackos, they are dangerous to the world. Combine them with scumbags like Ryan and AG Jeff Sessions and we are in a monumental crisis.

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