I call on all non-alt-right whackos to start labeling alt-right whackos with the same labels they apply to us. When the orange-haired-monster-in-chief runs to Twitter in a fit of rage, he's been triggered. When Richard Spencer and his small group of hillbilly white nationalists protest the removal of a confederate statue, they've also been triggered and are trying to preserve their safe space.

Just read any online comment thread and you'll find them infested with right-wing nut-bags yelling and calling everything they don't agree with "FAKE NEWS!" Well, they, too, have been triggered, for they are little alt-right Snowflakes that are so easily offended.

I've implemented the use of labeling since Triggered Trump has taken office, and 90% of the time all you'll get is a thumbs down... it stops them in their tracks. They're not used to being called "Snowflakes" or being accused of being "TRIGGERED" and it forces them to crawl back under the filthy rock from which they emerged.

I just love how the right is calling out for people to "just give Trump a chance," when for 8 years all they did was question Obama's legitimacy as a president. "Pals around with terrorists- Quitter Sarah Palin," "He's a Muslim," "He's a fascist," "The Thug in the White House," "String him up! -Pants Defecating Ted Nugent," "He was not ain't born here!"

Now it's our turn... and god, how I'm loving triggering all these little alt-right Snowflakes!!