What's that little thing on the back of your head? It's not quite a pony tail. It's not long enough hair to tie into a pony tail. How do you get it to stay that way all day? Is there a hair tie holding it in place? It's not a big bun. It's a little bun. It's like a little nubbin. It definitely can't be a case of necessity or function because your hair ain't that long. Therefore, you do that bun nubbin for the look?

Well, cool bro. I hope it keeps the hair out of your eyes, dude.
Also, some bangs on some chicks look funny. Not all chicks but some. Something about it just looks funny. I guess gotta keep the hair out of the eyes. I guess that's the function of the bun bang look.
To detract focus, every bald headed guy with a goatee looks like the same guy.