I'm sorry but this fool you folks interviewed contradicts himself more than Trump. First of all, do you honestly believe abolishing "the state" would be a good thing? How has that worked out in the past? How did that work out in Somalia? Grow up! "The state" (even the current shitty one we have now) is the only thing preventing the rise of the American warlord. That army of millions of well armed hate filled right wingers who have done nothing but prepare for their moment they can kill the rest of us unchecked.
You guys love throwing all the scare words at anyone who disagrees with your childish fucking non-ethos! Fascist this propagandist that. If you want to be political so bad then go and buy a fucking dictionary. You're the fascists, you're the propagandists, and you're the assholes deligitimizing those of us who actually want to fix it. You don't vote, you don't want to participate. You just like looking cool and pretending you're different from any other authoritarian thug. You're not Che, you're just like Trump. Clueless little spoiled babies who love attention and get it however they can.
Fucking Portland! I used to think this really was a liberal Mecca. Instead it's just some wasteland of spoiled pretend revolutionaries. "People's republic of Portland" my ass! You're all totally in line for equal distribution of your daddy's bank accounts and you know it.
Maybe you anarchists should find an island somewhere for your social non-structure. I'm sure your parents would pay the rent there too...man.