I used to be a DemocRAT, but in the Fall of 2008 I crashed my motorcycle and went head first into an oak tree. Now I'm a PROUD Republican and everything makes so much sense to me. Although my party spent millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars investigating Benghazi and EmailGate and no crime was found, I still consider Hilary a TRAITOR who should be LOCKED UP! Now, I want NO investigation into the Trump campaign colluding with a foreign advisory, even though there is so-call "evidence." And even though I followed Trump blindly for 5+ years in calling for Obama's "real" birth certificate, I now don't mind that Trump still hasn't released his tax returns... or birth certificate. Although Trump never gives specific examples (evidence and facts) that something is FAKE NEWS, I believe it without question... as long as the FAKE NEWS has to do with the "left-wing" media. Yes, after running head first into that oak tree and being discharged from the hospital, I promptly registered as a PROUD Republican. TRUMP 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032... FOREVER!