I have a lot to say about the whole Kooks burrito cart imbroglio, so buckle the fuck up. First, what did you think was going to happen, Willamette Week, when you ran this burrito cart story? These two young women may have been out of their depths when opening this business, but you seem to have inadvertently doomed it with your uncritical take on it. Your cowardly absence in your own comments section speaks volumes. You know you fucked up by running this story and knew you’d make it worse—for yourselves—if you tried to defend it (and even your own writer). Normally, you gleefully defend your writers and your hot takes when someone calls you out, but even you must have known that you wouldn’t have gotten away with it, even if you used restraint in deploying all the smarm that you normally deploy in situations like this. Y’all fucked up and you took down a business that it appears you were trying to booster. Congratulations.

Second, to the Kooks burrito people: What you did may not have been ill-advised, but the way you did it—and the way you bragged about it—was. You should have known better. But now that you do, remember, you might rightly feel dumb right now, but it’s not the end of the world. You’re young. Learn from this and move on.