To all you so-easily frightened bigots out there: Obama is no longer president, so you can lay off with the stockpiling of ammo... especially .22 ammo. For those not in the know: The gun manufacturing lobby (otherwise known as the NRA) got the bigoted redneck vote all riled up when Obama was elected. In order to boost sales, they repeatedly, and to great effect, scared "real men" into thinking that Obama was "a'gonna take away yer guns!" Boy, did it work...

For I don't know how many years, ammo has been scarce. Every store I go to has been specifically out of .22 ammo. Why? Well, as we know now, since Obama is out of office, he took away our gun rights. I mean, sure, it doesn't make much sense if you look at the evidence... hell, the Republicans even blocked a bill that would have prevented mentally disabled people from purchasing guns (look it up), but according to the NRA, Obama was still a threat to our gun rights for the past 8 years.

Why were these "real men" so scared of Obama? Because the NRA told them to be scared. Pretty simple, right? NRA members do what they are told, no questions asked!

Either way, Obama is gone, so chill the fuck out on stockpiling ammo... particularly .22 ammo. I'm going camping next month and hell if I can't find a store that has any in stock.

God, you bigots are so easily frightened and so simple to command. Grow a backbone, will ya? If anyone knows what store has .22 ammo currently in stock, drop me a line!