I don't want to be seen.
I wear hats everyday. I wear sunglasses everyday.
On cloudy ones. On rainy ones. Hiding from the light and glaring porch lights.
Some have asked if I'm in disguise.
I enjoy sunlight. Moonlight, starlight. I'm not hiding from that. Shine on me.
I'd wear sunglasses at night if these other rats didn't have judgments I know they do. Wearing shades makes me feel like they can't see me. Or I can't see them. I know it's not true.
There ain't much to see anyway, but a few good looking things. Yay, for those inspiring things!
Most of it is just bad art. I can't even look away if I tried. It's all ugliness. Stuff I don't want in my periphery and mind.
I'd wear hoodies if it wasn't so hot sometimes. Or rats wouldn't look at me like I'm a unabomber creep.
I started listening to music in headphones again. This is for other reasons as well. I used to like the peace and quiet. But what is that? It's all noise out there. Loud engines. Loud bikes, buses, maxes, streetcars, honking horns, beeping machines. Repulsive voices, yelling lunatics, unpleasant teens. Senseless chatter and conversation.
Gawking crows are music to ears. Croaking toads are sweet harmonies. Darkness is bliss. Disappearing is music to my ears. I just feel better when I do. So what!