I'm a proud Trump Deplorable and need to get something off my hairy chest: You libs, all you do it attack our president with hate and vitriol. You're not even giving the guy a chance, which is so un-American, if you ask me.

We on the Right gave your guy, Obama, a chance for 8 years. We respected him, never questioned his legitimacy and never, NOT ONCE, brought up the race card.

Rush Limbaugh never played the song, "Barrack The Magic Negro." Sarah Palin NEVER said he "Pals around with Terrorists," and Ted Nugent never screamed from a stage that we need to "String him up!"

We gave him a chance.

Trump never questioned Obama's birth certificate for 5+ years. Government officials and white citizens across this great country NEVER insulted Michelle Obama, and they most certainly didn't use racial slurs while NOT doing so.

The Republicans in congress gave Obama every chance available and never stood in his way. Mitch McConnell never proudly stated that he was the "Guardian of Gridlock" due to him NOT blocking every single piece of legislation that would have put the American people back to work.

We gave O'bummer... oops, I mean, Obama a chance. We played fair and were honest brokers. Even though we didn't vote for him, we put country over party and stood by him.

Now, you libs are just plain petty, mean and disgruntled... it's very sad.

C'mon, give the guy a chance! MAGA!