We broke up last year after dating for a short time and decided to remain friends. After a few months I reached out to see if you wanted to hang. You did, and I thought it was cool talking about music, our mutual friends, and embarrassing life shit like we used to. I thought it was mutually understood that we had both moved on and that maybe we could actually have a real shot at friendship.

That was until you decided to reveal yourself as the self-serving, egocentric fuckboy you keep hidden under the cloak of "innocent, tortured soul". You stood me up at the concert because you were tired/lazy/didn't care; fine. But texting me the excuse that it's hard to be around me when you can tell that I haven't gotten over you and have all these "emotions"? Nail in the shitcoffin. Just because we went out to coffee that one time and I went to go see your shitty band (ok they are pretty good except for you) doesn't mean I want your dick. You took advantage of my efforts and politeness ad used it as an ego boost. You made me feel small because of my empathetic and caring nature. Now you're surrounding yourself with a new group of transplanters who are younger and more naive so you can feel like less of a clueless, dependent little bitch. You're graduating soon and I hope that the real world whoops your ass without mommy and daddy paying for everything. Hopefully you grow up and learn to treat people how you want to be treated, but until then enjoy knowing you're a general disappointment to everyone.