Been watching these birds. Specifically the crows, pigeons, seagulls. I'll say it: they work way harder for their survival than most homeless I see in downtown do.
I'm so tired about this rally for homeless or "blind," unwarranted support for houseless. There's a "good and bad" with all groups and categories of society. Some try to find work, do what they can by collecting cans, or be productive members of houseless society. Or at least are nice people and have good hearts. Then there's the "world owes me and someone else is to blame" and "do absolutely nothing, but still take pity on my life and feel sorry for me attitude."
Support mostly comes from a former homeless or these kinda hippie types who have the power, means, or money, I've noticed. Then there's ones who don't do shit, but are the biggest advocates for the homeless.
Otherwise there ain't much help or sympathy from citizens of the world. Just watch it daily. Listen to how someone really talks about the homeless crisis.
People care and/or are willing to really do nothing about it when it comes down to it.
People care just about as much for the birds as they do the homeless which birds get walked by unnoticed every second.