There's an emptiness to you folks that have jobs that is more upsetting to me than I feel compassion for. I get it too. I get down and low. Never lonely though I will most likely die alone. I have love though I feel disconnected, rarely see friends or family. I feel together although most people I see and interact with are strangers and coworkers. I have passions for what I do that completely fulfill me. I have more work and responsibility than one person should handle alone. I get mad at assholes, ways of this cruel world and wicked life. I still enjoy life. Happy to be working. Happy to be here.
So I don't understand why it's such a drag that you have to work? It shows in everything you do. You do a shit job because of it. When I see you or deal with you, I get dragged down by your dilapidated energy. I feel it through my body. It's in everyway to talk. You say it's because of a shit job, but if you love life, it shows in what you do no matter what you do and how shitty your job is. If it's that bad, get out. Choice is yours. It's you causing your own misery. It is you not me when you take your shitty life out on me. You could have money, love, family anyway and yet still be unhappy.
That's it, maybe. More money, more stress. Marriage and relationships are only complications, I guess.
I hope somebody or something fills your heart someday.
The world ain't so bleak if you stop paying attention and feel lucky to be alive.
If it ain't that, then kill yourself because it won't get any better.