To all the Republicans out there attempting to distance Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric from this man's anti-Muslim actions: When these bigoted WHITE men kill people, whether it's with a knife or a gun... which party do their political views best align with? Do you think these MURDERERS are Liberals? Are Liberals anti-Muslim? Are Liberals so deathly afraid of their own shadows that they own an arsenal of weapons? Do Liberals listen to/watch endless hours of right-wing media? NO.

Does the right-wing media ever mention the party of a killer when that killer is a white conservative right-winger? NO. But you can bet your bottom dollar if the killer was a liberal it would be mentioned over and over and over again.

Only White conservative men have a propensity for this type of racially motivated violence... since 9/11 white conservative men have killed more American citizens than foreign terrorists. Only right-wing conspiracy fed white men shoot up churches, synagogues, mosques and pizza joints. Conservatism is a mental disorder.