The Bias is On The Other Side


I don't think murder is a politically sanctioned act, regardless of party. So if you want to equate this POS actions with a "they can do it, but if we do's not fair" double standard, I think you are reaching for something that isn't there.

There's no lesson here. There never is. It's a fucking tragedy perpetrated by a sick piece of shit with an infection of an "idea" for his reasoning. The people that stood up to him are the real story and are heros in my book.
When Arabs kill people, new laws or policies are made. I have to take off my shoes at the airport because an Arab Muslim extremist decided to put a really shitty bomb in his shoes. When white people kill people nothing happens. None of the surveillance state we have been forced to accept ever seems to catch any of these killers. There is no concern that they may be a part of terrorist cell. If anti-terrorism techniques work so well, why are they not used universally.
"Not all republicans are racists, but all racists are republican."