Stop pretending that Portland isn't racist. I am confronted by a Confederate flag when I leave my Gresham home and denied medical care and housing because of my race and gender. No one in authority will help. Read the vicious comments from PDX residents in response to the BLM movement or anything about the oppression of people of color. Read the commenters repetition of false statistics to justify their racial hatred. Brendan Sullivan, writing about the May 20th racially motivated murder of Lt Richard Collins III, says it best. "Through your failure to address racism, white supremacists, hate speech and violence against people of color you have created an atmosphere where racists are emboldened. Your milquetoast attitude to the racist flyers, calling hate speech ‘free speech’ and refusing to stand by immigrants, who you yourself are, has allowed this disease called racism to root itself in our university. We need courage, we need our administration to fearlessly fight for the lives of our students, not cover their asses and hide in their shell. Richard Collins’s blood is on your hands.” PORTLAND, RICKY JOHN BEST'S AND TALIESIN MYRDDIN NAMKAI-MECHE'S BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS.