So me and my ex broke up last year and it was a dramatic one, U-haul locked and loaded he was helping me move that day, until we got into a fight about the guy I was also now seeing. A week prior we had talked about being in a open relationship because I felt my needs weren't being met by just him. I had been talking with someone else for a couple months now before me and him had even met. I decided to finally meet up with this mysterious babe and we hit it off. I never being in a open relationship before was like it's all about lots of communication so we all know and understand what's going on... well yeah that was true, he was totally cool with me seeing other people until I did.... That's when we had a big fight because apparently I slept with the other guy too soon he said. Here's the deal guys I can't date someone more dramatic than me, I'm a highly emotional person and if you are going to go to that same state of craziness that exceeds my craziness we just won't work out. He was more dramatic than me I couldn't even believe it, the whole thing felt like I was a movie break up scene. I'm chasing him down the street. I finally caught up with him in a triangle intersection and cars buzzing by and tears flying down my face and him screaming at me, I'll never forget it. I was the one who in the end still had someone else to be with and now comfort me after my boyfriend broke up with me. Isn't that ironic?