Literal Appeal to Get Along


There's a pendulum effect when it comes to political ideologies. Conversation and compromise will hopefully take root again as things swing back toward a more centered society. I gotta believe that there are more grounded than extremist people out there and eventually we will grow tired of the ideologues controlling the discourse and some pragmatists will step up and steer us straight again.

But if not...civil war, armageddon, canabilism, monkeys riding horses, whatevs.
@r.a.y.: You're right about that. The minute it comes out that we don't actually want to hear what they have to say, they'll have an excuse to actively start ignoring what we have to say. One could even think that they're waiting for such an opportunity.

I really want to believe that we're getting better as a country and that the only thing that's changed is that the same old soapbox grime that turns up in every generation just has a Facebook account to connect to others who have the same thoughts but that's still a problem. A person is normally likely to cut it out or at least suppress those thoughts because everyone around them thinks they're wrong but these guys just keep going because they know that somewhere out there someone else heard about that stabbing and thought (or even wrote) "yeah, serves 'em all right!" and they know that they aren't alone. That's what really scares me, how little fuel hate needs to keep flaring up.