Living songwriting legend, Rodriguez, performed at The Schnitzer last night. At 75 years old, he was escorted out by his daughters because he is slow moving and he cannot see very well. His show was fantastic and I loved every minute of hearing his beautiful voice and even the moments in between songs when he needed a few seconds to find the chords and remember how a song went. What I didn't love was the dozen or so Portland self involved fucktards ruining those beautiful silent moments by yelling out "I love you" or "thank you" " or welcome to Portland" or whatever you felt the entire audience needed to hear YOU say because it was special coming from YOU, even though every other goddam silent moment was filled with some other dipshit yelling the same exact thing. Did you notice he rarely responded to your pleas for pathetic attention? And to the lady in the balcony who thought it was cute to yell " I still love you" after EVERY FUCKING SONG- everyone hated you last night. Show some fucking respect and keep your pathetic needs for attention to yourself. And shut the fuck up.