Something to Consider...


Yeah. The difference is in a gun vs a knife, dummy. You can't kill someone with a knife unless you are within stabbing distance. And as much as I know you believe this is a white vs black thing, what about the white guy with a gun in SE the other day. The cops were taking pot shots at him all morning and he didn't shoot at them at all. He just had a he's dangerous from any distance and if he's not cooperating, he's gonna get shot. For the safety of the community and the officers.

Quanice Hayes death was a tragedy and he didn't deserve to die, but he made horrible choices that day influenced by someone older who knew better and paid the ultimate price. Should Quanice be in JD rather than in a grave? Yes. Were the cops more likely to shoot him because of his skin color? Yes. Were they more likely to shoot him quickly because he had a gun and used it to rob and intimidate earlier that day? Absolutely. Did the shooting officer roll out of bed that morning with a vendetta to shoot a black teenager? I don't think so, you obviously suspect the worst though.

If you want to create an equivalency, pick a less murky example. There are plenty to be had.
You do know the Christian was shot in the head by police during the commission of a robbery.