Dear Everyone,

I am a 45-year-old mother of 3, gandmother of 1, and lifelong Portland resident. I have always counted myself among the Left, have often engaged in protest against capitalism, war and hate, but have stopped short of violence... until now.

What changed the equation for me was the fact that, following the hate-motivated murders of two innocent Portlanders, a whole array of violent HATE GROUPS are planning a so-called "free-speech" rally right in the middle of downtown Portland, in front of the courthouse, at noon, on June 4th.

I am not advocating violence, per se, merely expressing my determination not to shrink from it in the future, should it occur. In the past, the same hate-groups who will be present at the upcoming demonstration have used their rallies as an excuse to violently attack their political opponents on the left, notably the Black Bloc, and Antifa, (an anti-fascist movement known for their courage in battling the violent thugs of the "alt-right".) The important thing to me is that we Portlanders should show up, in force, prepared to fight if necessary. Hatred must be opposed!

I'm sick and tired of right-wing propagandists alleging that all of us "lefties" are spineless cowards! I'm sick of hate-preachers hiding their repressive agendas behind "free speech"! I'm sick of feeling as if there's nothing I can do to stop my country being thrown backward through a wood-chipper of inequality and stupidity!

I, for one, am going to confront the bastards! Portland, will you join me?