While I applaud your engagement, we have to remember who we are and not become what we despise and what is ruining our society. The vile man who attacked those three people is a horrible person and we want to encourage law enforcement to protect us from sick people like that. We shouldn't personify our fight with people like him as it could make us look foolish. He was a Senator Sanders supporter in 2016. Nor should we embrace any thugs like Anifa or Black Bloc who use violence, like the former college professor who beat a man with a bike lock in Berkeley. We need to win with our words and ideas, otherwise we will be seen as just as bad as those we are confronting. If we use violence, that just means our ideas are no good.
I Anonie,Grama, Most people in Portland love and admire our diversity. There are those few that will always be wanting to cause trouble because they are barbaric. I expect many from the rural areas like Douglas Cnty,Oregon will be there toting their guns, raggedy ass Dodge Rams packed with their barbecue grills for their once a year pilgrimage to our city of roses.

I hope all that come from our city will leave the kids at home. I know it is July 4th and it is a family holiday. This is our city, a place many of us have grown to love as if we were raised here.
No more of this white supremist crap.
This is so obviously the same dipshit who writes the anarchist themed rants on here. You want people to go downtown and smash on some no class alt right assholes. Fine. I kind of agree with you on that feeling. But stop being such a fucking poseur on this blog.

Say what you mean. People died standing up to bigotry and were fucking pissed. We want to get our licks in too. And if some Muslim hating POS comes to my town and thinks he's gonna get a pass on talking that bullshit this week? Hes fucking tripping.
You're pretending to be a grandma one minute and you want to fight me the next? What better definition of a poseur is there?

Also, AN, i am a convicted felon with multiple violent crimes on my record. I spent over 10 years in prison and have been in more fights with way tougher people than you. I've also worked hard to stop that cycle of violence, start my own business and family where people depend on me, and just be a better person. The person ive always wanted to be. And that person is done fighting bitch made, baby dick loudmouths like you.

So puff up all you want and be happy i'm declining your offer.

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