A 150' flag stands erected. The city council claimed it was a donation, free. They failed to mention how tax-paid firemen would have to take care of the flag.

In a NYT article about my town, "Trump's Making America Meaner" written after a xenophobic clique hung a "Build The Wall" banner. The student population is over 50% Hispanic. I wrote a response, about how Forest Grove was always racist, Trump was just another chain-link. I joked that was why the MAX doesn't run there, Portland didn't want to import racists. Months after making my stupid side comment, some racist murdered two people on the MAX. A man filmed draping himself in the American flag at alt-right rallies.

My article was about how treating alt-right terrorists differently than islamic jihadists is what leads to acts of violent hatred, because we let the alt-right fester in the darkness. My article unfortunately ran alongside an article about a student who was suspended for wearing an American flag bandana. Bandanas had been banned at the school for a decade, because of gang-affiliations. The article quoted a former US federal employee as saying this was a "waste of taxpayer's money" (but a giant flag isn't) and the article went on to describe him as "a kind boy."

He is not a kind boy. He is a racist xenophobe. My article quoted him as saying "if you're 1/8 mexican, 1/8 of you is getting deported." The media's skewed depictions of these racists is what gives them motivation to commit violence. Acts which the FBI has failed to label as "terrorism". White supremacy at its finest. You can terrorize the local community, kill two people, and still not be a "Terrorist" until the federal government says you are.