Firstly, the Mayor is walking a fine line in part to the recent request to shut a legally permitted rally down. The Mayor should his heart may be in the right place but that does not make his request kosher with the principles of the Constitution. The groups planning the June 4th rally have a right to assemble and speak just as anyone else, especially since it's already been permitted and out of your jurisdiction, being on federal grounds. Secondly his usage of the label "alt-right" for anything he may disagree with is reprehensible; and echoes the immature nature of internet trolls who are on a mission to paint a narrative that any Trump supporter, Republican, or conservative is every vile thing under the Sun. Obviously there will be deplorables attaching themselves to groups all over the political spectrum just so they can get some attention. May I suggest he focus his efforts on those who blatantly break laws within Portland city limits? Lend an ear to the constituents rather than just dishing out lip service. Please allow the police to do the jobs taxpayers want them to do.

A. Concerned Citizen