Media Overreach


I am always sure to raise a middle finger when I see any news, TV, or film crew camera pointed in my direction. Highly recommended to all.
I have never had that problem, but it must be creepy for you. Tell people around your work place to have a little talk with him about his overt raging hormones.
You work at a food cart. I feel like you have way more valid complaints about your life than this.

And by edgy do you mean white, with bored out ears,neck tattoos, and colored hair? Cuz that's not edgy. It's just pretending you won't have future regrets.
I love it when people brag in the form of a complaint. Just as Portland as being an asshole about being nice.
Please tell us what being ACTUALLY edgy means *pushes up glasses* Mr. My Most Valid Complaint Is How Other People Spend Thier Time On The Internet.
I forgot people in the food industry weren't allowed to have opinions on things.