I grew up in an America that was proud of having vanquished the Nazis. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII, an it is their courageous sacrifice that has often given me hope, that beneath all of our seeming shallowness, we might still be a nation worth belonging to. At least we stopped Hitler, and that still counts for something, doesn't it?

Earlier today, (June 4, 2017) I witnessed events that would have made my grandfathers weep from shame. I was in Chapman Square among my fellow Portlanders, and we were doing our best (within the bounds of peaceful behavior) to voice our disapproval for the fascists who were celebrating their hateful agenda within our midst. I am not exaggerating- I witnessed KKK insignia, as well as the emblems of multiple outlaw hate-groups with my own eyes.

Alright, but we still outnumbered the haters. The unions were there; Families were there; and many more, all united in our rejection of evil. At least, I thought, we are showing them that this city does not tolerate racism and violence. That is something to feel grateful and proud about...

And then the police attacked us, the Portlanders they were sworn to protect; us, the Portlanders who pay their salaries. The Portland PD attacked Portland, with pepper spray and "flash-bang" grenades and worse. They drove us out of our own park, while the fascists cheered for joy.

I have this to say to the Portland PD: Just whose city do you think this is? And, how much did the Nazis pay you?