I anonymous Grama, sometimes I wonder why the police get such a bad rap when I would think sometimes their jobs call for them to be there for us in times of emergency. If more people would think how these men and women are there to protect the crowds. I applaud your Granddads' bravery, but think most police want to protect escalating violence like yesterday. It is not a popular opinion to support our police for some people, but if I needed help; I would call 911 in a heartbeat.
First of all it was not a free speech rally, it was a Nazi/White Power Rally and every single one of those fucks should have been punched in the nose. Also you know America is doomed is we have celebrity Racists that travel to protests to agitate.

That being said, the Antifa/black block whines too damn much. Sorry but you deluded to think the cops are your enemy. It is because you start fires in the middle of the street, throw flairs inside department stores, throw bricks at the cops. You are asking for it by being assholes. You could have redeemed yourselves yesterday by punching some Nazi's in the nose, not throw bricks at cops.

Antifa speaks for no Portlanders.
I anonie Grama, this rally you speak of was not a mandatory protest for sincere Peaceful protesters. With all that went on in this city last week, these people took advantage of the wonderful people of Portland that want to make a difference.

If you had a loved one in the police dept trying to keep your ass safe in a snake pit of vipers spewing hate, maybe you would look at life a little different. The Police that work these protest are putting their life on the line. My tolerance level would explode if I was spit on, cursed at and had bricks thrown at me. Maybe you would have faired better if you had settled for the starlight parade. I think you must have thought the Sunday event with all the powder keg of possible extreme violence was just a Sunday afternoon hanging around waiting for more blood. I do not believe you went, and I think you are fibbing about a whole lot of police brutality. Anyway, thanks for yet another police bashing rant. If you were in danger, your butt would be the first to run to the police crying "Officer,officer, please help me". The police seemed to have had a lot of patience with these awful Nazis.
It's laughable how sensitive people are. How utopic your mindspace must be.

Guess what, people fucking suck. Don't want to hear their shitty words, don't fucking listen. People relish in misery, almost as if we're addicted to the rush of being pissed off at something or having high anxiety.

People need more records and doom metal, people need more camping trips. Fuck the bad people, they're mortal just like you, spew some hate then feed the worms. Every moment you waste being upset about a person having a particular thought or the desire to express them, is one more moment you're giving away for free.

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