Why would you drop your dog shit bag in my yard debris/compost bin? Now i have to fish it out of years old, aged compost juice and dispose of it myself. You are human garbage. Your dog belongs to a sentient piece of trash that pretends it is courteous enough pick up its shit, but immediately makes that shit someone else's problem to clean up and take care of properly.

Someone should invent human sized baggies for society to scoop you up in, tie the top closed, and slam dunk you into a bin full of other pieces of shit.

And fuck Donald Trump too. I feel like this is the sort of thing he is wholly capable of doing and then triumphantly tweeting about. He probably pisses all over the toilet seat too, forgets his moms birthday, and leaves a half a sip of milk left in the bottom of the empty gallon and puts it back in the fridge. Dogshit culprit, I don't know what your politics are, but i know you are an awful person. I hope you die alone in your house and your dog eats your genitals and shits them into your mouth and then eats that shit and shits that shit back onto where your eaten genitals once were.