Life is nothing but ants, spiders, flies and dust.
What's with this bug screens keeping bug and flies out the house? Good idea if it worked. I got about 50 flies buzzing around into windows panes driving me insane.
When someone tells me don't take it personal. I say all of everything is personal.
Whenever a person tells me you're thinking too much. My response is that's all there is to do but think. If it's not thinking then it's drinking.
This guy told me the best advice he got about a job is someone telling him this isn't a prison. I'm not keeping you here, you can leave anytime you want. I said what a bad idea. To not have something else lined up yet walk out? Like that prison break, they better have a better plan than just to escape. Like imbeciles foolishly quitting jobs who are always unemployed like idiot prison breaks to get caught then shot. Great idea!
A bad idea is laying down watching the ceiling fan spin around.