Anyone that has a car, a horn and uses it out of anger or because you're an impatient fuck for 20 seconds, you're a goddamn fucking idiot.
I know most of us are in our own goddamn heads. We live in our own world. Most of us have a general dislike or paranoia towards strangers and fucking each other in general. A lot of us listen to headphones and pretend to not to hear anything. A lot more of us glued to the "ME"phone to even acknowledge the existence of anyone else.
But for fucks sake, use your words. You need something, say something. Say hello or thank you for a greeting or when you get help. I don't understand the silence. I don't understand your motions except I know you're displeased with something. Lastly, I can't read your fucking goddamn stupid mind.
Because that's the way the world goes round. The more of this shit that I see, the less I care about giving a flying fuck about what issues you're having that made you into an asshole by days end or start, for that matter, and the less I'll want to reciprocate any positive energy to you. It's just not worth my energy anymore.