To the scrawny pricks' that are going around robbing bars in Portland. Do you know that you're robbing lower class, hard-working people? People with exhausting jobs & long hours who just wanted a drink before going home? People like the only responsible adults in your lives while growing up. You are a disappointment to your grandmother, aunt, uncle, mother, father, sister, brother, the state – whoever the fuck failed to raise you right. I wasn't there that night, but my friends were & you put a gun to their head for a few bucks. Is life worth so little to you, you waste of sperm? We are old enough to be your parents and we would've raised you much differently. If you are a bad kid (which you are), blame the parents and if you are a good kid, blame the parents. I blame your "parents" for raising an entitled little shit with no regard for anybody but themselves. Karma's a fucker, you'll get yours.