This memory cane flooding back to me yesterday as I walked a group of fourth grade students around at the annual favorite, field day. It was warm and in the 70s but being as I was the same age some odd years ago, it rained on our field day and we had to hold it indoors. That's where the shoe scramble came in. Everyone in our class had to put their shoes in a mixed up pile. The winning team was the first team to have all members tie their shoes back on their feet first. I couldn't abandon my team, even though I felt I was about to fart. Unfortunately, though silent, it was more than a fart. After the shoe scramble ended, I fled to the bathroom across the hall only to find I had left a streak in my favorite, yellow Snoopy underwear. I didn't want to throw them out, but I was too embarrassed to let my mom know. I hid them under the mattress of my captain's bed from Sears. They might still be there. I hope my students didn't have to have their own field day faux paus. At any rate, check under your child's mattress.