Yeah you, the person reading these words right this second. Even the person who chose to post this. I don't like you for a couple of reasons. First, I don't know you. How can I like you if I don't know you? Why is their social pressure to be polite to people you don't know? When I say polite, I don't so much mean being pleasant, rather the social conventions of showing fake interest in each other dumbfounds me. "Hi how are you?" Why the fuck do we say that at a grocery store. The checker is mind numb from answering that question a few hundred times a day. Do you really feel like a better person when the checker says "how are you?" How fucking ludicrous. It doesn't make you feel better, it just makes you feel like the world is right and everyone is following the "treat people with kindness" rule. Second, most likely I won't like you even if I took the time to know you. Why? Because most people suck and most people are boring. Everyone hates to work, most hate the job they are doing, most are in debt and stressed beyond their mind, they fake niceness to counteract the pending panic attack, then go blow their money on overpriced bar food, rainer, and shitty tattoos of a bird landing on the tip of MT hood - we fucking get it, you love mossy trees and rain and can't wait to eye fuck a hummingbird in the spring. Third. Art is stupid. You're not clever.